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AAUW Honolulu Annual Meeting

Come join AAUW Honolulu for our Annual Meeting!

Learn how we have impacted women and girls in Hawaii and discuss the next year of exciting plans and programs – a perfect opportunity to invite friends and family!

WHEN: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 ~ 6:30-830pm

WHERE: Manoa Public Library

Dinner is OPTIONAL! The event fee is to be paid if you ordering dinner. If you are bringing your own dinner, you do not have to pay the event fee.

Feel free to bring your own meal, eat before/after the meeting, or order from us and we will bring a variety of salads, Younghee’s FAMOUS wraps, dessert and a refreshing nonalcoholic cooler! Vegetarian options will be included.

Water and tea will be available for everyone.

Show your AAUW support with a fabulous t-shirt for only $10! Shirts will be available at the event or prepay now for fast pickup at the door.

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AAUW Honolulu’s Second Annual Tech Savvy Conference….

Committee 2016

Inspire, Be Inspired, Be a Volunteer!

 AAUW Honolulu received a $5,000 grant to hold its second annual Tech Savvy Conference (“Tech Savvy II”) at Hawaii Pacific University Saturday May 21, 2016.  Last year’s Tech Savvy Conference (“Tech Savvy I”) hosted over 100 girls (grades 6-9) and parents who participated in Tech and College sessions featuring a range of STEM activities to include computer coding, sea floor archeology, satellites, suturing lacerations and the chemistry of chocolate.

But the conference does not run itself.  Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas to include:

  • Morning room monitor during Tech Savvy workshops (8 Volunteers);
  • Afternoon room monitor during Savvy Skills workshops (8 Volunteers);
  • Morning guide to lead girls to sessions (2 Volunteers);
  • Afternoon guide to lead girls to sessions (2 Volunteers);
  • Registration table assistance (4 Volunteers);
  • AAUW information table assistance (2 Volunteers);
  • Lunch set-up;
  • Signs set-up; and
  • Clean-up at the end of the event.

Carol Gaudette was among those who volunteered at Tech Savvy 1.  For her, it was truly an inspiring experience.

“As a volunteer for the first Tech Savvy Workshop in 2014, I enjoyed being able to observe the girls, hear their questions, and listen to their thoughts,” explained Gaudette.  “I am a strong believer in getting girls interested in math and science at an early age, and ensuring that they know that careers in those fields are an option for them.

“The girls were able to see women in various careers who will hopefully be role models and inspire them to think big when it comes to their futures,” she continued.  “While my role was small, I was proud to participate [in such] a groundbreaking workshop for Hawaii girls, and hope that the exposure to the various careers inspires them.”

Anna Viggiano and Lauren Kaupp are co-chairs for this year’s Tech Savvy II.  To volunteer or for more information please contact Dr. Anna Viggiano ( and Dr. Lauren Kaupp (