Tech Savvy

Women are underrepresented in STEM – or science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Studies point to a coming shortage of academics and professionals in STEM fields, which has implications for the national security and industrial competiveness of the United States.

To help put more women into the STEM pipeline, AAUW Honolulu hosts Tech Savvy.

While girls start at the same levels of achievement in STEM-related classes, by adolescence they begin to lose interest in the subjects. Tech Savvy is a day-long conference designed to attract sixth- to ninth-grade girls to STEM careers by exposing them to a variety of hands-on exercises.

Our next Tech Savvy will be held on April 21, 2018, 8 am to 4 pm , at Hawaii Pacific University’s Windward Campus.

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Past STEM sessions included:

  • What lies beneath? Simulating Mapping of the Ocean Floor
  • Ozobotics: Maze Challenge!
  • Suturing and Casting
  • Robotic Navigation of an Obstacle Course
  • Introduction to Creating 360° VR Video
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists, Solving Medical Mysteries
  • Aviation Navigation and Instruments
  • Buggin’ Out on Water Quality

The second portion of the day focuses on “savvy skills.” These are skills girls can use in their daily lives, such as critical thinking, sharing opinions, public speaking, and knowledge about financial literacy, negotiation, and interviewing.

Past savvy skills sessions included:

  • Global Energy Exchange: Beyond Technical Foundations Creating Critical Thinking Skills
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skill Awareness in STEM
  • Learn the secret to becoming rich!
  • Club Event Planning with Google Sheets, Automate It

Tech Savvy also invites representatives from colleges to sit down and meet with the participants to discuss their higher education goals and where they see themselves after high school. Representatives from the University of Notre Dame, Wellesley College, the University of Hawaii system and Hawaii Pacific University have met and given advice to past participants.

Although the program focuses on percolating the girls’ interest about STEM, Tech Savvy also includes an important program for parents. Families are given tips to reinforce their daughters’ interest in STEM and maintain that interest well into their admission into college.


Professional women and students in STEM serve as Tech Savvy volunteers and role models. Volunteers provide crucial opportunities for the next generation of girls in STEM to meet real women who are succeeding in these educational and professional fields.

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STEM and Savvy Skills presenters are needed to make this a special day.  Use this link to submit a presentation proposal!

(Deadline for call for proposals is February 23, 2018)